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Wedding Ceremony 


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Behind your smile, behind my smile (For Soprano, Tenor, Cello and Piano)

English Lyrics/Music: Noriko Sunamoto

For Entrance of the bride and groom

The Pearl Reflection (For Cello and Piano)

Music: Noriko Sunamoto

For Exchange of rings

Behind your smile, behind my smile - Noriko Sunamoto
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The Pearl Reflection - Noriko Sunamoto
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Aqua Love in Whale Tale (For Soprano, Tenor, Cello and Piano)

English Lyrics/Music: Noriko Sunamoto

For The marriage certificate signature and the withdrawal of the bride and groom

Solo Con Te (For Soprano, Piano)

Arrangement: Noriko Sunamoto

Aqua Love in Whale Tale - Noriko Sunamoto
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Solo Con Te - Arranged by Noriko Sunamoto
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Yoshimitsu Murakami

President and CEO, Co., Ltd. Murakami Music Office (Tokyo, Japan) 

Murakami Music Office began in 1968 by conducting chapel related business at hotels and wedding halls.  Murakami basically takes on wedding planning responsibilities: pastors, choirs, organists, and other musical instrumentalists and chapel assistants.  Murakami was selected by the Weekly Diamond Economic Magazine as one of 1000 companies that is going to be leading its field within ten years.


Over the past ten years, Noriko has performed as an excellent organist selected by Disney's audition in Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta, Disney Ambassador Hotel.  Also she has played the organ in the finest and most luxurious Five Star Hotels including The Peninsula Tokyo, Hotel Okura Tokyo, Grand Hyatt Tokyo, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, Hotel Nikko Tokyo, etc.  She performs as a pianist at weddings, corporate, and private functions.  Her repertoire of more than 2,000 works ranges from classical through jazz standards, show tunes, and the songs of such artists as Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel, Alicia Keys, Scott Joplin, Elton John, Nina Simone, etc.  She also plays any requests the guests have.  Noriko is truly an extraordinary organist and pianist.  She has a wide experience as an accompanist, inspiring improvisational skills and great sight-reading ability.

We have planed and proposed new products such as management of the Wedding Fair with Noriko, not only as a pianist but also as a great arranger.  Her outstanding and innovative arrangement ideas are an irreplaceable asset to the wedding ceremonies.  Her unique ideas are inspired by musical theatre, so her passion has contributed to making music that matches any scene.  Her arrangements make every scene in wedding ceremonies impressive, hence why many people love her music.

As a music director, Noriko also has produced, arranged and performed in a New Year's concert, Christmas music worship, Christmas concert, Countdown concert and chapel concerts that changed the music and configuration of instrumentals and genres.  She helps to offer a high quality performance in various genres and support a wide range of performers, such as classic jazz, until collaboration with different genres such as Western instruments, Japanese instruments, vocal music, and folk music.

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